World-renowned marshlands facing environmental catastrophe


Ahwazi Arab inhabitants who are living in the vicinity of marshes and wetlands, such as that of Hor-Al-Azim (which has dried up because of the actions of the Iranian oil companies), frequently release video clips that demonstrate the horrific surge of sand storms from the dried wetlands.

The film below was recorded at the dried wetland of Hor-Al-Azim. It offers compelling proof, corroborating the claim that the source of such devastating sand storms is internal, a product of the colonial project of the Iranian Occupation state.

The desertification and drying up of such a vast area is behind the emergence of the deadly sandstorms that have already claimed the lives of hundreds of Ahwazi Arab people. The Iranian authorities have yet to release transparent statistics that show the number of deaths and individuals who are suffering from respiratory diseases and renal cancer in Al-Ahwaz. Such dust storms are used as a deadly weapon to massacre the entire Ahwazi Arab people. Iran seeks to employ two types of displacement methods. The first is forcible displacement by confiscating lands. The second is displacement through the destruction of the environment which would force people to voluntarily leave their lands and emigrate to Persian areas or to other countries.

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