Water disruption affected thousands of Ahwazi families in Alahwaz


According to the water and sewage company in Alahwaz, the cause of the water shortage and disruption in water supply which started a few days ago was the result of construction and other works carried out on the water supply infrastructure. However, many local Ahwazi residents of the impoverished area of Aldayreh (Shilang Abad in Farsi), believe this disruption to be intentional.

They believe the company is punishing them for their recent protest against the water diversion project undertaken by the regime. Till now, company officials have not announced when they intend to renew the water supply to Aldayreh  neighborhood.
It is worth mentioning that many areas in Ahwaz which are predominantly inhabited by Arabs suffer from contaminated water as well as an outdated water infrastructure network. These inhabitants have been ignored and overlooked by the Iranian regime all the while, new towns are built for new Persians incomers. In addition, as a result of the Iranian regime’s dam building policy and its diversion of water from the Karoon river coupled with the lack of sufficient rains this winter, Ahwazis are in serious risk of water derivation. Symptoms such as dehydration and skin illnesses have already presented themselves. This is in addition to the negative impact this has on the agriculture industry.


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