Two Young Impoverished Ahwazi Prisoners Were Executed in Tehran’s Notorious Evin Prison

amoori execution ahwaz

Regime authorities in Iran executed two young Ahwazi Arab prisoners on the morning of the 28th of September. The two inmates, identified as the cousins Ali Amouri, and Adnan Amouri, were hanged in Evin prison of Tehran on charges of armed robbery.  The regime often labels such charges on those people who are demanding job and equality if they are not political activists. The regime is wholly intolerant to any social and political demands.  This is because of the security situation in Al-Ahwaz region.

Adnan, 30, and Ali, 28, were arrested in March of 2014 and after sustaining brutal psychological/physical torture, and enduring two years in solitary confinement, were hanged without a fair trial nor being allowed any access to lawyers. The prisoners were also prevented from having any contact with their families up until their execution. The regime panel Court in Ahwaz and the Supreme Court in Tehran had reportedly sentenced the two men to death.

According to information received by Ahwazi activists, the funeral of two young men was held on Thursday, September 29th, in their hometown village of Qaleh Canaan in Ahwaz region. The funeral has turned into a national Ahwazi demonstration and cultural festival, widely attended by Ahwazi poets from every city, and village of the region. Their poetry denounced the crimes against Ahwazi young men who are victims of poverty, and racial exclusion policy which means justice is an alien concept under Iranian regime.

It is worth noting that in recent years the national movement in Ahwaz has begun to expand in all directions and on all tracts of resistance to Iranian regime oppression which has led to chaotic and arbitrary retaliation by the regime’s security and intelligence apparatus. Among the regime’s frantic retaliatory methods have been public and clandestine executions, and even assassinations in a desperate and haphazard attempt to rid itself of the nightmare of Ahwazi social, cultural, and political movement that has descended upon it from all directions.

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