The Arbitrary Killing of Ahwazi Arabs is Met by Silence from Top Human Rights Groups


Over the past two days clashes between the Arab population of Falahiyeh city, south of Ahwaz, and Iranian regime forces have intensified.

. In response to the death of Hassan Alboghobesh a young Ahwazi male – shot in the head by security forces – the people of Falahiyeh took to the streets in condemnation of Iranian regime brutality. His murder marks the second incident in the past few months displaying the unjustified use of violence by regime soldiers.

At the same time, two citizens were also gunned down and injured very badly as they rode their motorcycles for reasons yet to be uncovered. This is not the first time such an incident has happened. In recent months there have been a spate of random shootings without warning in various areas of Ahwaz, resulting in death and injury to many Ahwazi citizens including a 3-year-old girl, Raghad Abbas Sawari, shot dead, and her parents injured, while sitting in their family car.

Protests turned violent after local police stations were attacked and later set alight by members of the local community. They expressed anger at the regime’s refusal to hand over the body of young Hassan Alboghobesh. Reinforcement was sent into the southern city in an effort to maintain calm, as well as the imposition of a curfew according to townsmen. As regime forces patrol the streets of the town, a climate of fear has now settled. Yet, there has not been even a simple statement or action by the Iranian human rights organisations as well as the top international human rights organisations in denouncing the killing and persecution perpetrated against the Arab people of Ahwaz.

This media blackout on regime violations inflicted upon Ahwazis has given Iran a free hand to exercise a power to decide life or death   in the Ahwaz region where repression and terrible suffering remain unaddressed by the international community and human rights organisations.falahiyeh-protest-ahwaz-iran

The core attention of the majority of Iranian rights groups has broadly been devoted to spotlight the violations that are committed against persons that live in Tehran capital and central Persian regions. These organisations in their written goals claim that they are seeking democracy, civil freedom and putting an end to racial oppression and discriminations but such stated objects have never been put into actions when they deal with the human rights issues linked to Ahwazi Arabs as well as other ethnic groups.

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