Regime security forces demolish Ahwazi citizens’ homes, beat women, children

Demolishing ahwazi houses in Iran

Iranian regime forces demolished the homes of three more Ahwazi Arab families on Tuesday (November 22) in the regional capital, Ahwaz, without issuing any notice of the demolition beforehand, beating the traumatised families they had just dispossessed.

According to a report in the regime-owned IRIB News Agency, the regime’s security forces carried out the demolitions on the pretext of drugs charges against members of the families living in the three homes. This is a favourite excuse used by the regime to target Ahwazi freedom and human rights activists, who are routinely imprisoned and often executed on similar fake charges, with their families’ homes destroyed and the activists and their families forced to leave the Ahwaz region in an effort to crush any resistance to the regime.

There was no forewarning of Tuesday’s raids and demolitions, with security forces arriving in the neighbourhood accompanied by municipal staff who brought bulldozers to destroy the houses.  The regime officers used loudhailers to order the families to leave their homes. When the families resisted and asserted their right to remain in their homes, they were dragged out by the heavily armed regime officials, who brutally beat family members, including women and children, some of whom were pulled out by their hair and thrown to the ground.

After the family members – 21 people in all – had been dragged from their homes,  the bulldozers moved in and demolished all three houses;  despite pleading with the regime and municipality officials to be allowed to retrieve their possessions and furniture before the demolition, the families were given no time to do so, with the homes and possessions being bulldozed immediately. Demolishing ahwazi houses in Iran2

The eyewitnesses added that the regime’s personnel were shouting racist, anti-Arab abuse and threats at the families while the demolition operation took place, telling the victims that they had orders issued by the court prosecutors justifying their inhuman actions, although they produced no warrants or other documents.    Following the demolition, the regime officials shot their guns into the air and subjected the already traumatised dispossessed families to another beating before abandoning the now homeless dispossessed peoples in the street outside the rubble of their homes, and declaring that the land had now been confiscated by the regime.

This regime’s systematic approach to looting and razing Ahwazi’s houses had  previously been  revealed with the regime’s secret plan, which was leaked by Ahwazi dissidents, with aims to change the demographic composition of Alahwaz from an Arab majority to non-Arabs.

In fact, these repeated criminal practices in the region  pursued  by  the local regime  authorities  indicate the security grip and unilateral actions by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Alahwaz. The regime of Iran always was critical towards Israeli policies against Palestinians including land confiscation and house demolition, however, current Iranian regime’s practices against Ahwazi people  expose its  hypocritical  slogans.


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