No Happy Labor Day for Ahwazi workers denied pay for 5+ months

ahwazi workers municipal

People across the USA have again enjoyed Labor Day this year, the annual holiday on the first Monday in September when the nation recognises the immense contributions of workers in all fields to the U.S. economy. Labor Day is also meant to give workers a well-earned day off to unwind at home or go out with family and friends to enjoy a favourite recreational pastime. 

In  a less fortunate part of the world, meanwhile,  the Ahwaz region  of Iran to be precise,  Ahwazi Arab workers continued to be treated as slaves, denied any rights, brutalised and oppressed at the hands of the Iranian regime.

According to reliable sources from the regional capital of Ahwaz,   municipal workers in District 8 of the Ahwaz capital protested for a third day in front of the municipal building on Saturday the 3rd of September 2016 over non-payment of their already pitiful salaries for over five months.

The workers are demanding payment of their backdated salaries and benefits such as health insurance payments, which have been withheld for no reason, with sources in Ahwaz revealing that regime municipality officials have suspended health insurance for workers, who now face massive problems if they need any medical treatment due to the high price of medicines and hospital treatment.

This is certainly not the first such incident of industrial action, with 24 of the municipality workers staging a similar  peaceful sit-in in front of the municipality headquarters earlier this year, also over unpaid wages,  being  brutally arrested by security personnel assisted by Revolutionary Guards troops and taken to the infamous Spedar Prison, where they were beaten and abused before being released on bail.

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