Expelled Ahwazi workers protest against their dismissal


A group of Ahwazi workers who were sacked en masse by their employer, sugar cane Company Dehkhoda branch, situated on the road between Daghaghla and Shuaibia villages, have gathered in front of the company offices to protest against the decision to replace them with non-locals.

The company management did not issue any explanation for their decision apart from the announcement that they have determined to discontinue their contract with this group of people.

The protesters, who are mainly from nearby villages, are shocked by the injustice of this decision as the company had assured them of equal opportunity and long term contracts when they came to compulsorily purchase their lands for this state-project.

Having been paid a relatively low price for their land, they are now left with nothing to survive and many of them have at least 5 dependents.

One of the protesters, known as Abu Khazal, told Ahwaz Monitor that he could see many non-Arab workers waiting to be allocated to the places where the Ahwazi people had been working. He added “We will continue our protest and never give up until the company either re-hires us on a long term contract, or returns our lands.

Another Ahwaz worker said “We were looked at suspiciously by the employers as we are not Iranian citizens. We now think that same tragedy will happen to us as what happened to Palestinians whose lands were confiscated and they were denied all human rights on their ancestor’s lands.”

The protesters are continuing to stand their ground outside the offices, shouting against this unjust decision.

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