An Ahwazi child of 17 is the latest victim of the Iran regime’s persecution


According to Ahwazi rights’ sources, a large number of Iranian regime personnel arrested a 17 year old Ahwazi cultural activist named Ali Kaab Omeir on Wednesday in his home in Keyan Abbad neighborhood in Ahwaz capital and brutally beat him in front of his family.

This caused multiple fractures in his left arm leading his mother to suffer a serious stroke that needed her to be hospitalised.

During the raid, the regime thugs also confiscated computers, mobile phones and destroyed important house appliances. Afterwards, family members went to the headquarters of the regime intelligence service asked why Ali was arrested and about what had happened to him but they refused to answer them.

Ali is a very prominent social networking Ahwazi, despite him being a very young man, and this is probably the main reason for his arrest.  He participated in protests against the Iranian theft of Karoon water. In addition, the Iran regime security forces have arrested Amir Zerganni, an Ahwazi cultural and environmentalist activist on Tuesday, February 7 and have also taken him to an unknown location.

Amir was involved in many protests against the water shortages afflicting Ahwazis, which have intensified after the regime dammed the region’s main river, the Karoon, and diverted its waters to Isfahan and other Persian cities, with protesters forming a human chain to protest peacefully against this injustice. Both Ali and Amir had major cultural activities to further the Arab traditions of the region, organising many cultural events such as poetry nights, festivals, and Eid festivities.

Iranian regime’s deep anti-Arab prejudice extends to all areas of Ahwazi culture, with Ahwazis forbidden by law from being educated in their Arabic mother tongue, and even from wearing their traditional Arab clothing in public, whether at work, at school or even at sporting events.ali-kaab-omeir2

The Ahwazi people’s struggle to maintain their Arab culture and heritage is a triumph over systemic injustices and unimaginably harsh conditions which are maintained by Tehran in a very deliberate effort to force them to accept subjugation and abandon their Arab identity.

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