Ahwazi cause recognised for the first time in official UK report


The United Kingdom’s Home Office has published a decent study and an analytical research on the Ahwazi issue and the current developments there. The report highlights the incessant systematic oppression that the Ahwazi Arabs are exposed to under the Islamic Republic regime. It also includes an analytical study on the agenda and backgrounds of the Ahwazi political parties and the human rights organisations leading the struggle in the region.

The study, considered of a special nature at the official British level which previously was dependent on foreign intelligence sources and biased Persian-founding-studies that deliberately hid the realities of the status of Arabs in Alahwaz region. It came as the British home office needs an explanation for what is going on in Ahwaz to shape a Britain Home Office vision when it comes to the asylum applications submitted by many Ahwazi people in the UK and Europe as they seek to escape the hellish repression of the regime that targets all walks of life in Ahwaz. The regime is attempting to silence the Ahwazis who demand freedom and justice.

Yet, the study is considered an official recognition of what is going on in Ahwaz. The report depended on informed Ahwazi sources with links to the home front there and mirrors what is happening to the outside world. Among these sources that significantly contributed to painting a clear picture of what is happening in Ahwaz, on which the British home office depended, is Ahwaz Monitor. Since it was launched two years ago, the site took it upon itself to casting light on the woes experienced by the Ahwazis at home through posting English reports honestly translated from the source without showing bias to any political parties or seeking a financial benefit. The site has been keen to convey this message to the entire world.

Ahwaz Monitor covered key issues and incidents such as the protests staged by the Ahwazis, the arrests, marginalisation, and oppression seen by the Arab community under the regime. The site also spoke of the injustices experienced by the Ahwazis, represented in entire deprivation as the regime siphons off the regime’s oil, gas, drinking water and other resources.In light of the blackout imposed on foreign journalism and correspondents who are denied access to Ahwaz, the Ahwazi people managed to turn attention to the incidents there through social media. Using these first-hand sources, Ahwaz Monitor translated these reports and posted it on its own portal.

After this major development for the Ahwazi cause, Ahwaz Monitor seizes the opportunity and thanks the British Home Office for preparing this painstaking study and disseminating it worldwide. The site also looks forward to translating and posting more reports on the Ahwazi issue, hoping they may be adopted in similar future British reports.

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