Ahwazi activist’s parents plead for help in finding missing son abducted by Iranian regime agents


The family of an Ahwazi activist forcibly abducted from his family’s home in October by Iranian regime agents and unheard of since have appealed to international human rights organisations for help in discovering his whereabouts and his fate.

Mahmoud Mazraeh was abducted by regime intelligence agents at around 10:00 pm on a night in early October as he was standing just outside his family’s home in the Kamploo neighbourhood of the regional capital, Ahwaz. The regime thugs returned two days later and ransacked his family’s home, taking away his computer, along with several  of his CDs and books, but refusing to give his family any information on his whereabouts.
Although the regime has given his family no information as to the charges, if any against him, his arrest is suspected to be connected to his activism in support of Ahwazi human rights.
His desperately worried parents have repeatedly pleaded with the regime authorities for any information on their son’s whereabouts, regularly visiting and calling all the government agencies, intelligence service departments, police stations and detention centres in the city, all with no results.
With nowhere else left to turn, they are pleading with the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran,  and with human rights bodies like Amnesty International to intercede on their behalf with the regime in order to find out their son’s whereabouts and  allow them to visit him and provide a lawyer if required.


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