A huge blaze engulfed historic hotel in Alahwaz


An extensive fire has erupted in one of Alahwaz’ landmark, Hotel Fajr, by the historic river of Karoun, in Ahwaz city on Thursday 13 April .

Although the source of fire is still unknown and no one yet claimed responsibility, however, some local sources believe the blaze was in retaliation to the Iranian regime’s policies in Alahwaz of changing the historic names of important places such as  Arabistan to Khuzestan, as well as other cities for instance Falahiyeh to Shadegan ,Khafajiyeh to Susangerd and Mohamarrah to Khorramshahr and so on.

The hotel had formerly belonged to a rich Ahwazi Arab (the main shareholder), Mansour Alwan Liaghat, who established his business in 1968 during the monarchy era when he named his hotel to “Austria Hotel”. However, after the downfall of monarchical regime in Iran  his property has been confiscated and its ownership has been transferred to a mega-state-charity foundation called Bonyad-e Mostazafan , a very large funded charity establishes after the 1979 revolution to transfer the property ownership of former regime’s men  to the new Islamic government.hotel-fajr-pars-astria

The hotel’s name later on has been changed from Austria to to Fajr Hotel but recently the name has changed again to Hotel Pars, as part of regime’s policies to Persianalising the region’s history from its native heritage, Arabic .

These Aanti-arab policies have provoked heavy outcry among Ahwazi Arabs incredibly motivating them for all forms of reactions or revenge to the state.


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