Supreme hypocrisy from Iran’s Supreme Leader over eradication of native languages

In this video footage, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei strongly condemns the British empire for its eradication of native language particularly in India, deliberately “forgetting” the Iranian regime’s own domestic ban on the public speaking  or teaching of the native languages of four ethnic minorities in Iran – Ahwazi Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Baluchis.

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Ahwazi villages become ghost towns due to pollution, lack of water in the shadow of Iranian regime oilfields

According to Ahwazi eyewitnesses who visited more than 10 villages located in the oil-rich ‘Crete’ region near Ahwaz city, the wretched suffering of residents in these almost forgotten villages where the regime has established dozens of oil and gas fields in the surrounding area is beyond words.

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