More Than 30 Arrested As Freedom Protests Sweep Across Arab Ahwaz Region In Iran

More than 30 people were brutally arrested in Ahwaz in Iran on Monday, the second day of Eid al-Fitr, after courageous Ahwazi Arabs held peaceful demonstrations in towns, cities, and villages across the region, demanding freedom and human rights and protesting against the systemic oppression and injustice which generations of Ahwazis have now endured under successive regimes for 92 years.

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The Centre Against Racism in Iran’s statement concerning recent revolutionary court’s unfair sentences issued against three Ahwazi civil rights activists

According to the credible source, three Ahwazi civil rights activists have been discriminately sentenced by Branch 4 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court to one-year imprisonment after they spent one and half month in solitary confinement inside intelligence security headquarter in Ahwaz city.

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Iran’s election sham foreshadows ominous times ahead

Just two weeks after the sham election result which provided an opportunity for the regime to revitalise and breathe again, its medieval revolutionary courts have restarted their man-slaughtering exploits with a vengeance by running group executions, mass arrests, and imprisonment.

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